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Is Debian going to run on my machine?


  I am thinking of doing away with Windows completely
and using Debian. But Microsoft has suckered me into
buying a bunch of hardware that I am reluctant to
throw away. Specifically, I have 

(1) a printer (HP color deskjet 722C), 
(2) a CD burner (Memorex CDRW-1622 rewritable),
(7) an ATAPI 24x CR-ROM,
(3) a scanner (Microtek scanmaker v310),
(4) an AOpen FM56-ITU modem
(5) an SiS 5597/5598 display adapter (on motherboard)
(6) a CMI 8330 Audio adapter (on motherboard)

  I checked the Linux web site. It does not say it
will or will not support these hardware. I posted a
message on USENet and some suggest I try. But I don't
want the trouble of finding out that it doesn't work.
So I am turning to the official authority now. I just
wonder if you could tell me whether Debian will run on
my stuff.



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