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Re: What happend to Netscape?

> I will third that statement.  Netscape will take from like 30-60 megs
> depending... 4.7, btw.  On the subject of memory leaks, has anyone ran
> (g)top after having had gaim open for a few hours.... I don't know
> anything about the AOL IM protocol, but I'm guessing it doesn't require
> upwards of 15megs of ram to run.

i've been running netscape/communicator 4.7 since it came out on a potato
system (with the libc5 stuff still in stalled) on a pentium with 128 mb of
ram with no real problems.  so times java will crash it, and sometimes a
plugin will crash it but mostly it's fine.  the trick is to run the libc5
version not the glibc one.

it's a shame to have to keep the libc5 stuff installed but i need it for wp8
as well so ...


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