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Re: gcc OK

On Mon, Feb 14, 2000 at 03:15:19AM -0800, davidturetsky generated a stream of 1s and 0s:

> Would appreciate any enlightenment on how to proceed in response
> David

That message means your printer port is in ECP or EPP or EPP/ECP mode,
i.e. the newer kind than the prehistorical 'Normal' type. Most printers
work with 'Normal' OK. So you can safely disregard that message, unless
your printer requires ECP or EPP mode. Consult Linux Printing HOWTO for
general info. APSFilter is nice BTW if you have an inkjet supported by
Ghostscript. BUT, you'll have to manually edit /etc/printcap after you
are done setting it up to make it all work. 
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