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Re: LaTeX Package documents?

> I am already using said index.html.  It does not AFAIK have any links
> to these dvi's.  I have also set it up to view dvi's and ps files that
> way, works quite nicely.


    $ dpkg -L tetex-doc | grep dvi

I think these compose the bulk of the documentation for the tetex-doc
package, although there is an exhaustive LaTeX reference manual in


as well as a bunch of text FAQ's and other reference materials.

Is it possible you don't have tetex-doc installed?

Also, the information I've been giving you applies to potato.  It
could be that the tetex-doc package isn't in (or isn't as exhaustive)
in slink.

> brick@brickbox[ttyp2]: ~/docs/tex/ont344$ locate exscale
> /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/base/exscale.sty

    $ dpkg -L tetex-doc | grep exscale

This didn't return anything, so there isn't any documentation for
this package in tetex-doc.  Sometimes I wind up getting the source
from CTAN just to get the *.dtx so I can create my own *.dvi / *.ps
file for the package, but this is rare.

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