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Tex permissions?

I know that during a backup and restore I got most of my permissions
mangled,but I thaugt I had most of them fixed.

Now I got problems runing xdvi and similar as user.  For the moment I
found giving write permission to all in /var/spool/texmf makes
everthing work, but this does not quite, uhm, feel right?

Any better ideas?  Any quick way to restore all my permissions to the
debian default ones?  The reason I've not been overtly concerned till
now is that all the permissions seem to be more strict than they used
to be, but this of course messis with user functionality from time to
time <g>


E-Mail: Neilen Marais <brick@adept.co.za>
Date: 05-Feb-2000
Time: 20:59:55

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