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Re: LaTeX Package documents?

Hello Christopher

>> It does though, not seem asif any .dtx files are installed with the
>> Debian LaTeX installation...  Where could I find thes files, or at
>> least the documentation for them?
> You should be able to find more than you want to read by pointing
> your
> web browser of choice to (assuming you have tetex-doc installed):
>     /usr/share/doc/texmf/index.html
>     or
>     /usr/doc/texmf/index.html (if you are running slink)
> This is a sort of master index that links to a whole bunch of
> *.dvi.gz files.  To read these files, either configure your browser
> to automatically view these files with xdvi, or just save the
> *.dvi.gz file to a temporary place, and then gunzip / view using
> xdvi.  You could also print them using dvips.
I am already using said index.html.  It does not AFAIK have any links
to these dvi's.  I have also set it up to view dvi's and ps files that
way, works quite nicely.

> I think these are the original .dtx files converted into *.dvi
> files for our convenience by the Debian developer who maintains
> tetex-doc.

It does not seem to reside elsewhere either.  For instance, the exscale
package gives me the following results if I do a locate:

brick@brickbox[ttyp2]: ~/docs/tex/ont344$ locate exscale


E-Mail: Neilen Marais <brick@adept.co.za>
Date: 10-Feb-2000
Time: 19:33:07

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