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Last I was browsing creative.com (looking for tech info on an OEM sound
card ALSA doesn't like) I blundered into a CVS repository of a driver for
their Dxr2 decoder kit. It's at opensource.creative.com, and it looks
fairly spiffy from what I know about DVD (nothing).

On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, aphro wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, David Wiard wrote:
> dave >I can get a DVD player pretty cheap.  Is there any point in doing so when
> dave >all my machines run non-Winblows?  I don't keep up with the DVD camp, so
> dave >could those of you that do enlighten me?
> xmovie, see www.freshmeat.net claims to be able to play DVDs.  the source
> is available but only the binaries have the encryption code in it.  i dont
> know if it uses decss(?) or not, if its not available lemme know i can
> send it to u.  available in glibc2.1 only i believe.  it crashed on both
> my debian 2.1 systems but ran ok on my mandrake system(dont have a dvd to
> test but the program loaded)
> i emailed the author about a binary for glibc2.0 but he hasnt replied
> yet(~3 weeks ago)
> btw this is a software-only decoder i believe, you need a powerful(really
> powerful) machine to run it on, say 450-500mhz or better.  it is
> multithreaded so dual cpus really scream according to the www page. he
> tested it on a dual celeron 500 i think(i run dual celeron 466)
> nate
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