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On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, David Wiard wrote:

dave >I can get a DVD player pretty cheap.  Is there any point in doing so when
dave >all my machines run non-Winblows?  I don't keep up with the DVD camp, so
dave >could those of you that do enlighten me?

xmovie, see www.freshmeat.net claims to be able to play DVDs.  the source
is available but only the binaries have the encryption code in it.  i dont
know if it uses decss(?) or not, if its not available lemme know i can
send it to u.  available in glibc2.1 only i believe.  it crashed on both
my debian 2.1 systems but ran ok on my mandrake system(dont have a dvd to
test but the program loaded)

i emailed the author about a binary for glibc2.0 but he hasnt replied
yet(~3 weeks ago)

btw this is a software-only decoder i believe, you need a powerful(really
powerful) machine to run it on, say 450-500mhz or better.  it is
multithreaded so dual cpus really scream according to the www page. he
tested it on a dual celeron 500 i think(i run dual celeron 466)


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