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Socket 7 question

Hello guys!

  I am about to buy a PC100 Systemboard M598MR mainboard with a super
socket 7 wich cames with an AMD K6-III processor. This board have
built-in sound (about which the manual says "meets PC98 audio
specification, full-duplex playback and recording with built-in 16-bit
CODEC, and blah blah blah), built-in graphics system (AGP Graphics
Accelerator= AGP ver.1 with 66/133 MHz) and a built-in FAX/Modem 56k6
DAA V.90, V.34, blah blah blah. I **need** to know if this board is
compatible with 2.2.x linux kernel series (I use potato) and if I will
be able to set all this built-in stuff up (without coding, of course ;D


  []s, Lord K6
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