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Re: Isn't there anybody who knows anything about this?????

> > A few days ago I posted this:
> > 
> > ========================================================================
> > I've made it, from a windows pc I can call in to my linuxserver that uses
> > ISDN but, there's a connection but theer's no communication. The type of
> > connection on the windows side is SLIP and i've set the isdn encapsulation
> > to rawip (I've also tried ip, ethernet and syncppp... no result.
> > When I ping from number 1 to numbber 2 I see that bytes are send from one
> > side, the other side receives the bytes, but down not answer.....
> > Should I set the type of connection somewhere else in linux then on
> > isdnctrl encap .............. ????
> > Anybody knows how I can solve this.
> > 
> > (I have the SLIP module in my kernel (compiled as a modules and insmodded
> > the thin.).
> > 
> > Ron
> > 
> I'd like to know also, as I've been considering using isdn myself.  In the mean
> time I'm studying the documentation in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/isdn so
> I'll be more informed if I decide to go this route.

I've recently seen advertised in my area isdn service at cost almost 
competitive with dsl of similar bandwidth (according to the advertisement).  
Could someone explain the differences in terms of actual throughput, latency, 
etc.  How 115kbs isdn different from 115/115 dsl (or load balanced 56.6 
modems)?  What should be considered in making this decision.  Are there GOOD 
docs explaining current connectivity choices, and where may I find them?
I've read some material on optimizing connectivity through a modem, latency in 
serial connections and modems, and such, but they were old when I read them 
(1997) and I forgot (and didn't record :-( ) where I found them anyway.  I'd 
appreciate any pointers to either current or slightly out of date 
documentation as well as any first hand experience anyone may wish to share.


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