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Re: Isn't there anybody who knows anything about this?????

> A few days ago I posted this:
> ========================================================================
> I've made it, from a windows pc I can call in to my linuxserver that uses
> ISDN but, there's a connection but theer's no communication. The type of
> connection on the windows side is SLIP and i've set the isdn encapsulation
> to rawip (I've also tried ip, ethernet and syncppp... no result.
> When I ping from number 1 to numbber 2 I see that bytes are send from one
> side, the other side receives the bytes, but down not answer.....
> Should I set the type of connection somewhere else in linux then on
> isdnctrl encap .............. ????
> Anybody knows how I can solve this.
> (I have the SLIP module in my kernel (compiled as a modules and insmodded
> the thin.).
> Ron
I'd like to know also, as I've been considering using isdn myself.  In the mean time I'm studying the documentation in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/isdn so I'll be more informed if I decide to go this route.


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