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Re: Isn't there anybody who knows anything about this?????

Ron Rademaker <ron@wep.tudelft.nl> writes:

> A few days ago I posted this:
> ========================================================================
> I've made it, from a windows pc I can call in to my linuxserver that uses
> ISDN but, there's a connection but theer's no communication. The type of
> connection on the windows side is SLIP and i've set the isdn encapsulation
> to rawip (I've also tried ip, ethernet and syncppp... no result.
> When I ping from number 1 to numbber 2 I see that bytes are send from one
> side, the other side receives the bytes, but down not answer.....
> Should I set the type of connection somewhere else in linux then on
> isdnctrl encap .............. ????
> Anybody knows how I can solve this.
> (I have the SLIP module in my kernel (compiled as a modules and insmodded
> the thin.).
> Ron
> =========================================================================
> Nobody answered... is this question really that difficult???
> Ron

Sorry, I don´t now about slip, but i have it working with syncppp.
Heres the Config:


# Get the device name
set -e ; device=`basename $0`; device=${device#*.}
DIALMODE=auto           # XXX_
# Configuration (start)
case "$1" in
        # First you need to create the interface
        isdnctrl addif ${device}
        #       eaz name num
        isdnctrl eaz ${device} 9849198
        #       addphone name in num
        # Set the phone number(s) that the IP-interface "name" is supposed to
        # accept for incoming calls. If no num­ ber is given incoming calls are
        # disabled. More than one number can be set by calling isdnctrl addphone
        # repeatedly. Also wildcards can be used (see below). 
        isdnctrl addphone ${device} in "*"
        #       secure name on|off
        isdnctrl secure ${device} off
        #       huptimeout name seconds
        isdnctrl huptimeout ${device} 120
        #       ihup name on|off
        # Turn on or off the hangup timeout for incoming calls on interface name
        isdnctrl ihup ${device} on

        #        encap name encapname
        # Set the encapsulation mode for interface "name". Possible modes for
        # encapname are: rawip ip cisco_h ethernet syncppp uihdlc 
        # (most people use rawip, syncppp or cisco_h)
        isdnctrl encap ${device} syncppp

        #       l2_prot name protocol
        isdnctrl l2_prot ${device} hdlc

        #       l3_prot name protocol
        isdnctrl l3_prot ${device} trans

        #       verbose num
        isdnctrl verbose 2


        #       chargehup name on|off
        isdnctrl chargehup ${device} on

        #       OTHER OPTIONS

        # See also : isdnctrl(8), isdnctrl help text
        # pppbind is not yet documented in that manpage :-(
        isdnctrl pppbind ippp1 1

        #        NETWORK SETUP
        ifconfig ${device} up
        ifconfig ${device} pointopoint 
        ifconfig ${device} -arp -broadcast
        isdnctrl dialmode $device $DIALMODE || true

# Delete the interface
        isdnctrl dialmode $device off || true
        # Commands to undo the network stuff
        route del 2> /dev/null || true
        ifconfig $device down   2> /dev/null || true
        isdnctrl delif $device  2> /dev/null || true

# the rest is generic, don't touch
        echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop}"
        exit 1
exit 0
debug                   # enable debugging
lock                    # create a lock file for device 
lcp-restart 1           # Set timeout for LCP 
require-pap             # allow only pap authetication
novj                    # van jacobsen compression on/off
nobsdcomp               # bsd compression on/off              # set local ip to X, remote ip to Y
mtu 1500                # set maximum size of transmit units to X
ms-dns             # dns address for the peers use
ms-wins    # wins address for the peers use (I have Samba)
ms-wins    # wins address for the peers use
noipx                   # en/disable ipx
Make shure to add users to pap-secrets and to allow access for the
client if using ipchains etc...

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