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Re: Wearnes CDD110 cdrom driver

Nam-Anh Pham wrote:
> I have an old Wearnes CDD110 cdrom on my PC.  I cannot get Debian Linux to
> recognize the drive so that I can install the operating system.  Is there a
> built-in driver to recognize this old type of cdrom?  If so, what would be
> the loadlin parameter to use during the install process to get the OS to
> recognize the cdrom.
> Appreciate any help you can provide!

I don't know about the particular model of Wearnes, but on
the campus where I work we had a number of Wearnes CDROM
drives on brand new machines that were flakey. Several of
them had to be replaced. In addition, many of them work fine
with pressed CDs, but won't read home-burned ones. This may
or may not be relevant.

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