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Re: Wearnes CDD110 cdrom driver

On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 01:05:11PM -0800, Nam-Anh Pham wrote:
> I have an old Wearnes CDD110 cdrom on my PC.  I cannot get Debian Linux to 
> recognize the drive so that I can install the operating system.  Is there a 
> built-in driver to recognize this old type of cdrom?  If so, what would be 
> the loadlin parameter to use during the install process to get the OS to 
> recognize the cdrom.

That drive is listed in the Hardware-HOWTO a being supported by the
aztcd driver.  And in the CDROM-HOWTO it says that this drive needs a
boot time paramter passed - basically something along the lines of
I'd suggest you take a look at those howtos for more details.
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