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Re: Someone must know sparc debain

I always used kernel-package to build my sparc kernels. No problems.
Unfortunately I have an IPX, so it's rather slow on the build. I also had
to blank out the hard drive (doing Potato boot floppy tests) and for some
reason I can't get my NFSroot mounted. And I can't get the cross-compiler
to compile. :/ But compiling on Sparc should be fine.

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Aaron Solochek wrote:

> This is a pain.  I compiled 2.2.13, and the first time silo complained
> that there wasn't enough room when I tried to boot that image.  So
> I built a new one with less bloat (although its still like 2.3meg I
> think) and now it says it can't find an execuatble portion of the ELF
> image, or somthing along those lines.  What is necessary to do this
> correctly.  Here is what I'm doing now.  make menuconfig, make dep, make
> clean, make boot, copy /usr/src/linux/arch/sparc/boot/vmlinux.o
> /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.13, ln vmlinuz-2.2.13 /vmlinuz, silo, reboot....
> Also, where are the config files for X?  XF86config is a broken link,
> there is no XFsparcconfig or something like that.  I want to adjust my
> resolution, color depth, font search order... Are these display options
> even changable on a sparc 5?  I think I have 8mb of memory on the
> framebuffer card, so it seems decent.  Anyways, I'm lost, is there a
> good source for this sort of info?  The debian page seems less than
> complete.
> -Aaron Solochek
>  leko@cmu.edu
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