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Someone must know sparc debain

This is a pain.  I compiled 2.2.13, and the first time silo complained
that there wasn't enough room when I tried to boot that image.  So
I built a new one with less bloat (although its still like 2.3meg I
think) and now it says it can't find an execuatble portion of the ELF
image, or somthing along those lines.  What is necessary to do this
correctly.  Here is what I'm doing now.  make menuconfig, make dep, make
clean, make boot, copy /usr/src/linux/arch/sparc/boot/vmlinux.o
/boot/vmlinuz-2.2.13, ln vmlinuz-2.2.13 /vmlinuz, silo, reboot....

Also, where are the config files for X?  XF86config is a broken link,
there is no XFsparcconfig or something like that.  I want to adjust my
resolution, color depth, font search order... Are these display options
even changable on a sparc 5?  I think I have 8mb of memory on the
framebuffer card, so it seems decent.  Anyways, I'm lost, is there a
good source for this sort of info?  The debian page seems less than

-Aaron Solochek

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