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Re: Isn't there anybody who knows anything about this?????

On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 11:28:37PM +0100, Ron Rademaker wrote:
> A few days ago I posted this:
> ========================================================================
> I've made it, from a windows pc I can call in to my linuxserver that uses
> ISDN but, there's a connection but theer's no communication. The type of
> connection on the windows side is SLIP and i've set the isdn encapsulation
> to rawip (I've also tried ip, ethernet and syncppp... no result.
> When I ping from number 1 to numbber 2 I see that bytes are send from one
> side, the other side receives the bytes, but down not answer.....
> Should I set the type of connection somewhere else in linux then on
> isdnctrl encap .............. ????
> Anybody knows how I can solve this.
> (I have the SLIP module in my kernel (compiled as a modules and insmodded
> the thin.).
> Ron
> =========================================================================
> Nobody answered... is this question really that difficult???
> Ron

Well, you didn't tell us which machine is number 1, and which is number
2 for starters ...

Personnally, I know absolutely nothing about ISDN, even less about SLIP, 
other than they are not as common as PPP.  

So maybe the number of ISDN and SLIP experts who run Debian GNU/Linux 
and have tried to communicate to it from a windows box who are also 
subscribed to debian-user, found the same problem, worked out the
answer and fixed it, read your mail and decided they had time to 
answer wasn't too high in the last few days :-)

OTOH, I know how you musy feel from similar experience, so I'll have a
guess at some possibles.

I'm not sure that you definitely have a problem with your ISDN connection.  
My suggestions for things to try are (in no particular order)

o  Maybe your machine has not been set to reply to ping request over a
   certain size, or from certain networks.

o  Try other IP based connections to your machine, e.g. ftp, telnet,
   email, traceroute, http if you have a web server etc.

o  Try to do the same operations from a *nix machine to your machine.

o  Turn on as much debugging as you can on the ISDN connection and see
   what the output is.

o  Look what's going on in /var/log/messages when you're trying to
   connect if you're not already doing this.

And remember that you're better giving as many details as you think
relevant, log extracts, config filesi, etc.  If you had provided some 
more detail in your last post, you may have jogged someone's memory and
received the answer already.  Post again if you still have problems and
tell us all what else you found out.

Best of luck !


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