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Re: Technical problem -- please help.

On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, [iso-8859-1] Jérôme Loisel wrote:

> Hi!
> I am having a rather technical problem with my GNU/Linux system. I have
> tried really hard to resolve this on my own, and am out of luck.
> The sad thing is I'm not running Debian, but RedHat... However, I don't have
> commercial support, and the people on this list feel like The Most Likely to
> Actually Be Able to Help Me(TM)... So please help.

For RedHat-specific questions, you might try the
RedHat list.  I don't remember the subscribe address,
but it can be found on RedHat's web site.

Just like this list, there are many helpful folks on

hypnos              <mailto:hypnos@m-net.arbornet.org>

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