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Re: Technical problem -- please help.

Jérôme Loisel wrote:

> Hi!
> I am having a rather technical problem with my GNU/Linux system. I have
> tried really hard to resolve this on my own, and am out of luck.
> The sad thing is I'm not running Debian, but RedHat... However, I don't have
> commercial support, and the people on this list feel like The Most Likely to
> Actually Be Able to Help Me(TM)... So please help.
> The RedHat 6.1 installer hiccupped on my mouse, so I had to do the text
> install. No problem, but the hosts were not configured properly. The
> /etc/hosts and related files were empty. I filled them as best I could with
> localhost entries, scrupulously following man pages. But I feel something is
> still wrong.
> I almost always use X. Well, eventually, after 5 minutes or one day, I can
> no longer start new apps. I get an error. (Luckily, it is happening now, and
> I am not even kidding, so here is a transcript of terminal 1)
> "AUDIT: [date]: 1515 X: client X rejected from local host AUTH name:
> And trying to start an app from a terminal yields the following results:
> "Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server Xlib: Client is not authorized
> to connect to Server kedit: cannot connect to X server :0"
> I read the man pages on security and such. I put "ALL" in /etc/hosts.allow.
> I tried erasing the .Xauthority file to see if it wasn't corrupt or
> anything. Nothing works. I keep having those problems.
> So here I am, restarting X I don't know how many times a day. And RedHat
> can't bring itself to at least host a redhat-help mailing list... or if it
> does, mention it on their page.
> In any case, please help me. This is painful. I can provide additional
> information to whoever wants it.
> Thanks, and happy coding.
> Jérôme Loisel

Are you starting X via xdm (gdm, wdm, etc), or via startx?

I'm not entirely understanding what's happening. Let's see if I get it:

You're starting X, and can work normally for 5 minutes or so, then you can't start
any apps after that 5 minutes. However, if you restart X (presumably by
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace followed by startx?), you can again start apps and run normally
for 5 minutes or so.

Is that what's happening?

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