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Re: My Netscape Woes

Cameron Matheson wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I am having the worst time with netscape.  It worked beautifully for a
> while, but now the toolbars are all monochrome.  The Webpages look fine,
> but the toolbars are monochrome.  Quake is also monochrome.  The Debian
> Online Help is monochrome too.  Everything else is fine (colorful).  I
> have no idea what I would have done to mess this up, but I'm not very
> pleased.  Please help,
> Thank you
> Cameron Matheson

I've seen this a few times; I only have a 1MB video card,and I think (being no
expert) that the color palettes get all used up (terminology?). Restarting X seems to
clear the colors back to normal, at least for me.

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