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Remote printing with lprng

	I have a system set up for my family that is networked with
the rest of my systems. I want their machine to be able to print to my
machine. I have lprng installed on their system and a printcap entry
setup. This printcap entry works for network printing from my laptop
also running lprng. However, when I try to print from their machine
lpq shows status as "Link failure when sending j".
	I have a suspicion as to the cause of the error. I seem to
remember that lpr will create a link from the real file to a file in
the spool directory. BUT their home directory is NFS mounted from my
server. IIRC links don't work across disparate file systems. How can I
tell lprng to copy the file rather than create a link? Am I off
balance in my analysis here?

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