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Re: Remote printing with lprng

Symbolic links work fine across separate filesystems, NFS or otherwise. Hard links
cannot be made to files outside the filesystem where the file linked to resides. I
would guess rather that the link failure refers to an inability to connect (or a
connection which terminates). Look at the lpd man page to see how access is controlled
to the printer. Perhaps try telneting to port 515 on the machine to see if you get

"Joseph A. Martin" wrote:

> Hello,
>         I have a system set up for my family that is networked with
> the rest of my systems. I want their machine to be able to print to my
> machine. I have lprng installed on their system and a printcap entry
> setup. This printcap entry works for network printing from my laptop
> also running lprng. However, when I try to print from their machine
> lpq shows status as "Link failure when sending j".
>         I have a suspicion as to the cause of the error. I seem to
> remember that lpr will create a link from the real file to a file in
> the spool directory. BUT their home directory is NFS mounted from my
> server. IIRC links don't work across disparate file systems. How can I
> tell lprng to copy the file rather than create a link? Am I off
> balance in my analysis here?
> later,
> joseph
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