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Re: Possible convert

On Tue, 1 Feb 2000 KevinJ2525@aol.com wrote:

> I have thinking for sometime switching over to linux.  Before I do a total 
> conversion I want to test the waters a little bit.  I have an old Gateway, 
> 486 66 machine with about 16 megs of RAM, 1 gig of hard disk and 8X cd 
> player.  Could iLinux be installed on such a machine?  I don't want to 
> upgrade the hardware but I can if it will make a real difference.  
> Thank you for any advice.
> Kevin Jennings

The machine that I am composing this message on is an IBM ValuePoint
486dx2/66, with 16 MB RAM, and only a 120 MB HD.  I am mounting all the
main partitions over NFS until I can get a bigger drive to put in here.
This machine works great, and runs the X Window System fairly nice.  My
gateway/firewall/server/ipmasq box is a 486sx/25, with 20 MB RAM, and a
1.2 GB HD.  Both run Debian very nicely.  I have considered taking 8 MB
out of the other box and adding to this one (to give it 24 MB RAM), but
yet to do so.  I think you'll find that Debian will run very nice on
that machine.

hypnos              <mailto:hypnos@m-net.arbornet.org>

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