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Re: Possible convert

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	I have thinking for sometime switching over to linux.  Before I do a total 
	conversion I want to test the waters a little bit.  I have an old Gateway, 
	486 66 machine with about 16 megs of RAM, 1 gig of hard disk and 8X cd 
	player.  Could iLinux be installed on such a machine?  I don't want to 
	upgrade the hardware but I can if it will make a real difference.  
	Thank you for any advice.
	Kevin Jennings

You'll be fine.  Linux makes very efficient use of resources.
My first system was a 486SX 33Mhz with 8 Mb ram and a 250 M 
drive.  Worked great.  Of course the XWindow stuff takes a 
bit of room.  

Good luck,

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