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possible netstat bug


	I'm running Debian Slink with the 2.0.38 kernel on a AMD K6 and I
found a weird problem.

	When executing 'netstat -a', I get (from other usual stuff):

tcp        0      0 *:smtp                  *:*                     CLOSE

	That should mean that the SMTP server (exim, via xinetd), should
accept any connections (weird enough already to be in this situation), but
if I 'telnet localhost 25' I get the usual SMTP banner and everything
works fine.

	In fact, 'lsof | grep smtp' shows:

xinetd    29746     root   22u  inet 0x04afe414        0t0     TCP *:smtp

	So it makes me thing there's a netstat bug. Has anybody found the
same thing?

ps: please answer directly via email as I'm not subscribe to the list due
to its high volume.

-- p.

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