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Re: VMware

On 02-Feb-2000 Wim Kerkhoff wrote:
> On 02-Feb-2000 Bernhard Rieder wrote:
>> Wim Kerkhoff wrote:
>>> I HAD good experiences with VMware under Debian.
>>> It worked fine for me last summer, but somehow somewhere something messed
>>> up.
>>> At the moment, vmware causes my system to lock up.  It brings up the gui
>>> and
>>> the wizard just fine; however, just before it brings up the guest Bios, my
>>> system freezes.  I can't kill X, and I can't telnet in, but I can ping the
>>> system from another computer.
>> I have this problem when running xawtv in DGA mode. Do You have any
>> applications running using DGA?
> No, as far as I know I don't.  All I have running is a couple windowmaker
> docapps, xfmail, X, and that's about it.  I've attached ps axf and lsmod.

Arggh, now I've attached that.
> Do you run into this problem when ever you run xawtv in DGA mode?
> At one point I thought that maybe vmware was having troubles loading or
> unloading its kernel modules, but I disabled networking and it still
> happened.
> Strange thing is, that my dialup connection to my ISP is still up, and my
> workstation is still IP masquarding for the rest of the network here... it
> seems everything that is in userspace is gone.


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