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Re: VMware

provided u got a decently fast machine it should run great..i have had no
complaints about it thus far, been using it off and on since it first came
out. run win95/98/nt/win2k/caldera openlinux/freebsd in it sofar. running
on a dual 466 with 256M.  it also ran good on my p200mmx with 128M on
ultra scsi drives.


On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, Lance Heller wrote:

lhelle >What experience good, bad, or otherwise have Debian users had with
lhelle >VMware?  I have a requirement to use an application that only runs on
lhelle >one or another flavor of a Redmond virus and am deciding whether to
lhelle >convert my laptop to dual boot W98, or use VMware instead.  
lhelle >
lhelle >Thank you for your comments.
lhelle >
lhelle >Lance
lhelle >
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