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Re: VMware

On 02-Feb-2000 Bernhard Rieder wrote:
> Wim Kerkhoff wrote:
>> I HAD good experiences with VMware under Debian.
>> It worked fine for me last summer, but somehow somewhere something messed up.
>> At the moment, vmware causes my system to lock up.  It brings up the gui and
>> the wizard just fine; however, just before it brings up the guest Bios, my
>> system freezes.  I can't kill X, and I can't telnet in, but I can ping the
>> system from another computer.
> I have this problem when running xawtv in DGA mode. Do You have any
> applications running using DGA?

No, as far as I know I don't.  All I have running is a couple windowmaker
docapps, xfmail, X, and that's about it.  I've attached ps axf and lsmod.

Do you run into this problem when ever you run xawtv in DGA mode?

At one point I thought that maybe vmware was having troubles loading or
unloading its kernel modules, but I disabled networking and it still happened.

Strange thing is, that my dialup connection to my ISP is still up, and my
workstation is still IP masquarding for the rest of the network here... it
seems everything that is in userspace is gone.


Wim Kerkhoff              

Law of Continuity:
        Experiments should be reproducible.  They should all fail the same way.

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