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Re: TV Cards....

Hi Robert, 

I have a Patrol TVRadio98 and it works great under Debian. However,
the brand of the card is not as important as what chip it uses. The
bttv drivers support the Bt848 family of video decoder chips. These
are the Bt848, Bt848A, Bt849, Bt878 and Bt879 chipsets.  

I use kwintv to watch television, IMHO the interface is a lot cleaner
than xawtv - but they are basically doing the same job.

Your system is more than powerful enough to use a tv card - a good thing
about the above mentioned chipsets is that they use very little
cpu power. 

The only problems I have had so far is that the radio on the
card and the I/R remote are not supported but apart from that
it's working great.

Hope this helps

PS I'm in Oz so quoting prices probably wouldn't help ;-)

Robert V. MacQuarrie [Robert@mail.provision.net] wrote:
> A friend has just told me he setup a TV card in his debian linux system
> and says it's been working great. He is using a Phoebe TV Master card
> (www.phoebe.com) with kernel 2.2.13 and 'some version' of xawtv.
> My current system is a dual P200 with 128mgs ram running debian 2.1 with
> kernel 2.2.5.
> I was wondering what other cards people have used and their price ranges
> aswell as opinions to their performance. The Phoebe TV Master is roughly
> 49.00 (+12.00 S&H) and includes an I/R remote. He has been unable to use
> the remote yet.
> Thanx for any additional info which you may like to add.
> -Rob
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