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Re: TV Cards....

I'm using an AverTV-Phone by Avermedia (www.avermedia.com) with kernel
2.2.13, the bttv driver, and xawtv.  It works very well.  I, too, have
not yet used the IR remote under linux, but I think I've seen somewhere
that it is supported or will be shortly.  It's also a pretty good video
capture card.  This card is also a stereo tuner, but I haven't tried yet
to use that under linux.

I bought this a long time ago, and then it cost around $75.  The newer
version is called TV98 and runs for about $65 (maybe less if you do some
leg-work).  I'm pretty sure it is also supported by the bttv module. 
Your system specs are certainly enough to run one of these cards.  

Brian J. Stults
Doctoral Candidate
Department of Sociology
University at Albany - SUNY
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