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Re: TV Cards....

  A friend of mine and I have ATI All-In-Wonder-128 cards.  I haven't tried
yet, but he's using XF-86 and "gatos" with this card and says it's working


Thus spake Robert V. MacQuarrie (Robert@mail.provision.net):

> A friend has just told me he setup a TV card in his debian linux system
> and says it's been working great. He is using a Phoebe TV Master card
> (www.phoebe.com) with kernel 2.2.13 and 'some version' of xawtv.
> My current system is a dual P200 with 128mgs ram running debian 2.1 with
> kernel 2.2.5.
> I was wondering what other cards people have used and their price ranges
> aswell as opinions to their performance. The Phoebe TV Master is roughly
> 49.00 (+12.00 S&H) and includes an I/R remote. He has been unable to use
> the remote yet.
> Thanx for any additional info which you may like to add.
> -Rob
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