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Re: Setting up Debian

Many thanks, Joe

Yes, I saw some reference in the documentation to the first 1024
cylinders... but not entirely decipherable. I will follow your suggested
course of action

I appreciate the several feedbacks I've been getting. Would love to have the
two OS's co-exist on this system. Welcome any help

Can't say enought good things about Partition Magic 5.0. An upgrade from
earlier version is available inexpensively via download


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> On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 03:51:54PM -0800, davidturetsky wrote:
> > I'm a newbie to Debian, but an old computer hand... experiencing
> > considerable difficulty in setting up a Debian Linux system on my DELL
> > Pentium III 34gb drive I set up a 8gb partition using fdisk and
> > formated the lower 24gb with MS format. Then I used Partition Magic
> > 5.0 to set up a 1,000mb root partition, "/", a 2gb /usr partition and
> > a 1gb swap partition. I used Partition Magic to format each partition
> > (root: Linux ex2; usr: Linux ex2; Swap partition: swap)
> There is a rule that OS's must boot within the first 1024 cylinders of
> the drive (I guess it's a BIOS limitation for PC style architecture).  On
> older computers like my P90, that mean the first 512mb, on newer ones
> like your's I guess that is about 8gb.  So having the lower 24gb as
> windows won't work.
> You need to get that windows partition down to just below 8gb.  You may
> want to put a small /boot partition (like 10mb) next, a few gigs of
> linux partitions, and then a big honking D: drive for windows.
> I don't have experience with partition magic.  I guess it't pretty neat,
> but I don't thing it will allow you to break the 1024 rule (I could be
> wrong, I usually am...)
> And like someone else said 1gb of swap is an awful lot.  The traditional
> standard is 2x your RAM.
> --
> Thank you,
> Joe Bouchard
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