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Re: Hello

fnice@home.com (fnice) wrote:
>I have been using linux for a little bit now, and I am trying the
>different versions out like redhat 6.1, and mandrake 7.0 , So anyway I
>would like to know if there is a ISO download for debian's latest
>version ? the ISO would be the full download of the software :o) ... I'M
>cable so 600 MB is no problem, that is if it is freeware?

Er, yes, just a bit. :) Debian probably takes the most pains to be free
(as in free speech) of all the distributions, and is certainly free (as
in free beer).

>and could U tell me what is the latest version out is please..

I recommend you wait for a month or two; potato (Debian 2.2) is
currently in code freeze, and will be released soon. It has enough very
significant improvements over slink (Debian 2.1) that I think it's worth

Colin Watson                                           [cjw44@cam.ac.uk]

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