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Re: Two crashes so far with dselect configure

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 08:15:44AM -0700, dkphoto wrote:
> I STILL have not gotten to the end of the installation process!!! Though 

Could I make a few suggestions:

1. I think you may be better of getting the minimal install working
first. Then you can look at the amout of space left on the partitions
and go from there. (df -H will do this).

Also, try not installing tetex and all emacs just for now. [flame
undies on :] After selecting minimal install and getting into dselect
for the first time, use the '/' key to search for tetex, and use '_' to
remove (purge). Using '\' finds subsequent occurences of the
previous search. A good lightweight editor is 'joe'.

2. Other people on this list may disagree, but I think it may not be
worth deviding up the partitions as you will inevitably loose some of
your limited space. Deviding up partitions is good if you have multiple
users, or are worried that your logfiles may expand hugely and leave
you with 0 disk space and an unbootable system. However, to get a feel
for debian, you may be better of just having 1 partition and mounting
/var and /usr under /.

Once you have a minimal install done, then you can get a feel for the
system and start installing other software.

Also, dselect is your friend. Don't be discouraged, it's worth it!


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