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Re: Two crashes so far with dselect configure

Quoting dkphoto (dkphoto@cyber-wire.com):
> I STILL have not gotten to the end of the installation process!!! Though 
> I am further along than I have gotten before.
> I chose one of the profiles from the dselect menu. Everything was 
> installed. But I am unable to get all the way through the configure step 
> of the process.
> Twice now, the machine has completely frozen, forcing a hard restart, on 
> this step:
> install/tm : byte-compiling for emacs20

Without looking closely at this problem, is your system trying to
install a package called "tm"? If so, do you really need it? If
not, just deselect it and you may have more luck.
(Don't ask me what tm does (apart from cause trouble with emacs),
I've never looked.)

> Oh, and another related question: Why does this thing install BOTH 
> emacs19 AND emacs 20? Wouldn't one or the other be sufficient? Why two of 
> them?

AIUI they're different enough that people may want/require either,
so they're both supplied. Just remove the one you don't want.
(With no preferences, I just remove the older one.)


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