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Re: VMware

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 01:45:43PM -0600, Lance Heller wrote:
> What experience good, bad, or otherwise have Debian users had with
> VMware?  I have a requirement to use an application that only runs on
> one or another flavor of a Redmond virus and am deciding whether to
> convert my laptop to dual boot W98, or use VMware instead.  

    VMWare ran fine for me on my Debian system after a relatively easy
install.  I was quite impressed by what it could do, especially considering
the type of booting I was putting it through.  At the time I was running it on
a K6-200 w/64Mb of RAM.  Well below their recommendations.  It was usable.  I
won't say it was fast, but it was faster than, say, VNC would be in a similar

    Currently I have a Celeron-400 w/128Mb and have not installed Linux on it
to give VMWare a try.  However, given their minimum recommendations that
should be enough to make Windows usable for most productivity applications.

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