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Using Mylex RAID ctrl with debian 2.2


I have a problem to submit :

I've got a x86 computer with a Mylex AcceleRAID controler and disks attached
to it.
I wanted to install the last Debian 2.2 snapshot on it, but I had a little
problem : I used the disks install, but the kernel is not compiled with
Mylex support.

I tried to compile a new 2.2.14 kernel (the file named 'linux' I suppose ;))
with Mylex and ramdisk support and replace the one included in the standard
install, and all seemed to work fine *but* at the stage of installing kernel
and modules, it couldn't access rescue.bin;
I tried to access it via floppy, with no result.

Is there something to change in rescue.bin also, or somewhere else?

Thanks for your help,

- Olivier CARRERE

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