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Re: silly samba

...but the original fileservers smb.conf has the "security" line commented
out.  If I add "security=share" then perhaps my "valid users" setting will
not work.

debian-user@lists.debian.org on 01/02/2000 21:34:16

To:   debian-user@lists.debian.org
cc:    (bcc: Zane Drysdale/Diagnostic labs/64)
Subject:  Re: silly samba

chang line security=**** to security=share in smb.conf (global section)

At 99-12-30, you wrote:
>Hi all
>i basically cloned one samba fileserver onto another PC... copied the
>passwd, smbpasswd, smb.conf files over etc.  Since i copied the smbpasswd
>file over to the new fileserver the samba connections using the "valid
>users" setting seems to work fine eg connections requiring passwords are
>The problem is with the non-passworded shares.... they now prompt for a
>password to connect.  This is there setup in smb.conf :
>comment = public shared directory
>path = /share
>writable = yes
>public = yes
>why would the above share now require a password to connect??
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