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Re: Yehaw!

>>>>> "T" == Tom Pfeifer <mailmisc@snet.net> writes:

T> I don't have any USB devices, but as far as I know, there's no USB
T> support available in Linux until the 2.4.X kernel gets released, which
T> is supposed to be happening within the next few months. If I'm wrong
T> about this, I'll get corrected in a hurry here. The 2.3.X development
T> kernel, which will become 2.4.X when released, probably has USB support
T> now. I think Corel is using 2.2.X which is the current stable kernel. 

The 2.3 kernels have USB support. Many things are working already. I
am using a USB mouse suvvessfully. linux-usb.org keeps up a working
backport patch to the latest 2.2 kernels, and my USB mouse (really
an Evolution trackball) works under that, too.

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