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Re: Yehaw!

Hi Lee. Welcome, and it's great to see you over here!  (got your email

I don't have any USB devices, but as far as I know, there's no USB
support available in Linux until the 2.4.X kernel gets released, which
is supposed to be happening within the next few months. If I'm wrong
about this, I'll get corrected in a hurry here. The 2.3.X development
kernel, which will become 2.4.X when released, probably has USB support
now. I think Corel is using 2.2.X which is the current stable kernel. 

As far as email and news clients, I'm hardly the expert on those. I use
Netscape Communicator 4.7 for both mail and news. Multiple news servers
are no problem, but it doesn't support multiple email accounts/servers. 

I have two accounts that I use, so what I do to set that up is to
configure Netscape for one account, exit Netscape, and then copy the
/home/<username>/.netscape/preferences.js config file to a different
filename like preferences.js.tom1 . Then I restart Netscape and do the
same for the other account, exit, and then copy preferences.js to yet
another filename like preferences.js.tom2

Then I write a simple script (like a batch file) that first copies one
of the saved config files to preferences.js, and then starts Netscape
with the configuration I want. So to use the other account I have to
exit Netscape and then restart it with the other script. I have entries
on my window manager menu for each script.

Not ideal, but that's as far as I've advanced on that front so far.
There are better ways to do it. In Linux, you typically won't find many
monolithic mail/news programs like OE that do everything with one
program. Instead, you'll find lots of smaller programs where each one
does part of the job, and you configure them to work together as you
wish. This is especially true with the email and news type programs.

The Mail-User HOWTO may help some. Here it is:


Lee Chapelle wrote:
> Greetings everyone!
> I just downloaded and installed Corel-Linux. I was amazed at how simple it was compared to previous attempts I have made at Linux. I ported over my cable network settings and ta-da! now I can play. Can anyone recommend good free mail and news clients? Of course something resembling Outloox Express which I am used to would be nice. I have several email accounts and want to subscribe to newsgroups on at least five different servers.
> I noticed my USB stuff doesn't work.. is that expected?
> Lee

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