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Re: Two crashes so far with dselect configure

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 08:15:44AM -0700, dkphoto wrote:
: I STILL have not gotten to the end of the installation process!!! Though 
: I am further along than I have gotten before.
: I chose one of the profiles from the dselect menu. Everything was 
: installed. But I am unable to get all the way through the configure step 
: of the process.
: Twice now, the machine has completely frozen, forcing a hard restart, on 
: this step:

It's hard for software to cause a hard lock-up like you describe.  Check your
SCSI cabling - it's almost certainly screwed up.

: Oh, and another related question: Why does this thing install BOTH 
: emacs19 AND emacs 20? Wouldn't one or the other be sufficient? Why two of 
: them?

Because you chose a profile that installs both?  Computers are stupid; they
just do what you tell them ...

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