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Re: damn! I screwed up

Quoting dkphoto (dkphoto@cyber-wire.com):
> >I think you need to reinterpret the semantics of "The first line of
> >that file is the Xserver that is used". In other words, if you screw
> >up the response to the question, you can just edit that file instead:
> >that's just what the post-installation script does.
> That's what I am trying to do; edit that file. But I can't do it without 
> knowing the name of the Xserver.

I hope that file has as its first line:

> >I don't think there is a "default" server. It all depends on the video
> >card you have. However, I assume you have Hobson's Choice, because
> >dists/stable/main/binary-m68k/x11/xserver-fbdev_3.3.2.3a-11.deb
> >appears to be only xserver in slink/m68k.
> When the installer asked me for the name of an Xserver, there was a 
> default name. I need to know what that name was so I can input it into 
> the open Xserver file. 
> Is it "xserver-fbdev" ? Is that the name I need to put on the first line 
> of Xserver?

Type     ls -l /usr/bin/X11/XF86_*
and, assuming you installed an xserver package (hence the
post-installation script's question), this will tell you what
to put in place of "NONE".

(In general, the names of packages don't match the name of a particular
program within them, even though the odd one does. They are also in
lower case with a more restricted character set.)


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