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Re: Library-Probs with Gnome

chris Günther wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have Debian Linux 2.1 installed on my System. I have everything up and
> running
> just beautyful except one nitty gritty prob which drives me crazy:
> I wanted to install Gnome on my System and found some dependencies-problems
> with
> the libraries libgnome0 and libgnome32 so I decided to get the hole Gnome
> with all
> applications and everything else from the gnome-site. I dowloaded everything
> (the
> complete bunch). I started with compiling and installing the libraries from
> gnome-lib
> and the configure-script told me it would need the gtk-lib 1.2.6 which in
> turn needed
> the glib-lib so I downloaded these two as well. After compiling and
> installing the
> glib-lib I succesfully configured, compiled and installed the gtk-lib 1.2.6.
> But
> then I had a really confusing message from the configure-script of gnome-lib
> saying
> that it had found gtklib 1.2.1 which is definately not on my system anymore.
> I checked
> everything and couldn't find the 1.2.1 version anymore. The script said if I
> have
> installed the 1.2.6 version but the 1.2.1 version is found I shall set my
> ld_library
I am not really certain about this, but you might try running make clean
in the source directory where your config file is for the app you are
trying to compile. I have done that to clear up this same type of
problem when compiling a new kernal.
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