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Re: damn! I screwed up

Quoting dkphoto (dkphoto@cyber-wire.com):
> >Look in your /etc/X11 directory for a file called Xserver.  The first line
> >of that file is the Xserver that is used.
> No it isn't. I didn't set it remember! It says NONE. What I need is the 
> name of the default Xserver. Does anyone know it?

I think you need to reinterpret the semantics of "The first line of
that file is the Xserver that is used". In other words, if you screw
up the response to the question, you can just edit that file instead:
that's just what the post-installation script does.

I don't think there is a "default" server. It all depends on the video
card you have. However, I assume you have Hobson's Choice, because
appears to be only xserver in slink/m68k.


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