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Re: damn! I screwed up

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 12:10:13AM -0700, dkphoto wrote:
> >Look in your /etc/X11 directory for a file called Xserver.  The first line
> >of that file is the Xserver that is used.
> No it isn't. I didn't set it remember! It says NONE. What I need is the 
> name of the default Xserver. Does anyone know it?

The minimalist server (which you should check you have) line:

Try $ dpkg -s xserver-vga16

> >  Change that to whatever you
> >want it to be.  Or, you can just use XF86Setup and select your video card
> >from the list and it will automatically make the needed changes.
> I'm on a Mac. XF86Setup apparently doesn't exist. At least, I get told 
> there is no file by that name.

$ apt-get install xf86setup

and alternately for the text-mode configurator (xf86config):
$ apt-get install xserver-common

but you better have that already!

chances are you'll want xserver-svga (it has the broadest array of card

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