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Re: problem with alien

twister> hi!
twister> i'm using debian 2.1r2 "slink" and i wanted to install some programs from redhat 6.1 distribution...
twister> i converted rpm file to deb format and i installed program (by dpkg -i  deb_file)...when i try to execute it
twister> i saw nice error "segmentation fault"... why ?

It's most probably because debian 2.1 uses glibc 2.0 version, and 
Red hat seems to use 2.1 for anything more than Red Hat version 6.0.

Version of glibc seems rather important here.
You should try to get one compiled for glibc2.0, or try getting glibc2.1 installed on your debian 2.1 (this is harder). 
Or you could try upgrading to debian 2.2 (potato) which is quite an adventure (still).

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