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Re: CPU question


I was running a Web-Server on a GigaByte GA 586 HX with a Intel Pentium 200.
Now I am using a GigaByte GA 586 DX which is a Dual-Pentium. OK, I have no
two Pentium 200 but two AMD K5-166 and I have tried tu use them.

The Two-K5-166 version is fast as a P II with 500 MHz. 

With the kernel 2.2.13 is the multiprocessor system no problem.

You can get Dual-Pentiums with CPU's much cheaper as a P700.
I have payed around 80 US$ for the Mainboard and the CPU's.


P.S.:   If I get a second Intel Pentium 200, my Web-Server will be overkill
        for my small Network which has a 2 MBit cable modem to the INet.

At 17:19 28.01.2000 +1100, you wrote
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>	I am going to set up a new server which will serve pretty much
>	everything except www. At the moment, it has a P166, and the
>	load avg is around about 5. The highest once reached to 22.
>	In Australia here, the price of getting two P550 and one P700 is
>	roughly the same. So should I get two slower CPUs, or one fast
>	CPU. Which case will the server run faster/perform better?
>	Thanks in advance.
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