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Re: less and color

more handles colors fine. But you must add the --color option
to ls when piping if you want colors.

less needs the -r option to handle colors.

lorenzo.zampese@notes.electrolux.it wrote:
: I have got the same problem with 'more' and 'less' too.

: How did you configure 'ls' for displaying colors when piping to 'more' ?

: Thank you.

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: Subject:  less and color

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: I have setup the ls command to use the display color option using an
: alias.  It works fine.  Colors are also displayed nicely when piping
: ls stdout to the more command.  I want to use less instead of
: more.  However, when piping ls stdout to the less command, less displays
: the directory listing in b/w and with control characters (escape seq with
: hex numbers?) around the filenames instead of just using the correct
: colors.

: Has anyone out there fixed this problem?  I have tried changing the
: LESSCHARSET env. variable with no luck.  Advice or tips would be
: appreciated.  I should mention that I am using the console with
: $TERM=linux.

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