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Port forwarding

Could anyone send me a working example of port forwarding? I just tried to
get it going to no avail.

I test setup has a firewall connecting and
doing nothing but routing. Now i want it to redirect some ports (I tried
23,25,80) from its own address to I tried
accomplishing that by adding

ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L 80 -R 80

With this setup I get a log entry that someone tried to initiate a session
on but that session never is fully established since no data
arrive on the outside. Also there is no error log on any of the machines.

Then I told my firewall to masquerade the internal network. With that I got
www going. However, with a respective rule added, smtp and telnet did not
work either. They do get a 'connection denied' icmp package back. But my
inside test machine does accept both protocols as I can see when directly
addressing it.

I also tried to the ip command to redirect anotehr address (in my case completely to my internal machine. Using this setup I have the
same problem. I get the log that unknown@external-machine tries to
establish a connection and nothing more. Strangely enough about every 2nd
or 3rd try this log shows the correct user instead of unknown.

Finally I tried marking packages to port 80 and add a special ip rule for these
packages but the result was the same.

I think I missed something essential but right now I have no idea what that
could be. And yes CONFIG_IP_MASQUERADE_IPPORTFW is defined in the kernel.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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