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Re: pronunciation of daemon

On Thu, Jan 27, 2000 at 01:32:33AM -0500, Simon Law wrote:
> For reference...
> The New Oxford Dictionary of English says...
> daemon (2) /di'm@n/ (also demon)
I don't have this dictionary, 
and I don't know the meaning of these pronunciation symbols.

Remember the non-natives.
In dutch the natural pronunciation of ...
   i is as in pin or deep,
   a is as in father,
   e is as in bed or bad (nearly the same sound to us), or hate,
all depending on their environment.

So tell me:
   the e  in demon  as in hate, deep or lemon,
   the ae in daemon as in hate, deep or lemon,
   the e  in debian as in bed, hate, or deep,
   the gn in gnome  as the first part of knee, genius or gentle,
   the i  in variable as in like or pink,
   the g  in integer as in get or gipsy,
   the i  in inetd as in like or pink,
   the i  in init.d (the first one) as in like or pink.
Actually my list is much longer, but this is not bed for a start.
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